Board of Directors

Governance and Management


The General Partner has three members of the Board of Directors. The Board composition is established and continues to implement polices and provide direction to the business manager to carry out day-to-day operations. The three members of the Board of Directors are appointed by the shareholder of the General Partner. The three Directors are:

  • Keith Julius
  • Philip Paul
  • Nathan Smith

Keith Julius has been a former Councillor of the shishalh Nation. Keith was also a member of the Tsain-ko Board of directors and was a representative on the Sunshine Coast Regional District. Keith has an extensive background in fisheries management where he formerly worked for the shishalh Nation, as well as most recently with the Lehigh Material safety team.

Philip Paul is a Red Seal Mechanic and Millwright and is currently employed with Lehigh Material. Philip is very determined to help support the shishalh Nation in its business ventures to help support others succeed within the community. Phillip’s dedication to his personal training and capacity building is a great example for mentoring youth within his community.

Nathan Smith


Financial and Accounting services are provided by The Coast Group