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The Sechelt Fishing Limited Partnership (SFLP) was founded in 2011 by the shíshálh Nation. This initiative was a collaborative effort by the Nations’ Council, Resource Management Director, community fishermen, legal counsel, and consultants. Government to Government (G2G) negotiations with Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) led to the formation of the corporate entity: SFLP under the DFO Pacific Integrated Commercial Fishing Initiative (PICFI) program. The Nation opted to operate as a single entity, not tied to an aggregate of other First Nations Commercial Fishing Enterprise (CFE).



To involve young shíshálh Nation members in the commercial fishing business long term by providing opportunities for traditional avenues of employment and entrepreneurship.




To operate a financially sustainable commercial fishing enterprise that is accountable at all levels from fisherman to shareholders.




To balance economic and community interests while upholding environmental best practices.


Sechelt Fishing LP

Our main business administration office is located at 5555 Sunshine Coast Highway, Suite C.

Hours of operation are 9:00am to 2:30pm Monday to Thursday.

Business Office Location:

Sechelt Fishing LP

5555 Sunshine Coast Highway Suite C

Sechelt, BC

Mailing Address:

PO Box 1695

Sechelt, BC

V0N 3A0

Phone Number:

604-885-2273 – ext. 301





The Sechelt Fishing Limited Partnership (SFLP) was formed in 2011 as a for-profit Commercial

Fishing Enterprise. It is operated within the shíshálh Nation and governed by a three-person

board of directors who are all members of the community. The current access package

includes a variety of licenses and quota, with an estimated market value of approximately $4.3

million. The access is leased to community members and non-community members. The SFLP

has been successful as a leasehold company due to strong internal and external community

relationships with professional service providers, value added processors, fishers, and other

nations in the coastal area of British Columbia.